Uses of Interface

Packages that use IWorkbenchPart
Provides support for performing structural and textual compare operations on arbitrary data and displaying the results.
Provides support for applying and working with patches.
Provides a generic debugger user interface that clients may customize via standard workbench extension points.
Provides a set of actions related to running and debugging applications.
Provides a set of interfaces and classes for debug context management.
Provides a user interface for debug platform source lookup facilities.
Classes and interface required to contribute search dialog pages and search result view pages.
Provides basic support for managing Team providers.
Application programming interfaces for working with history.
Contains the team synchronization presentation framework and support for the Synchronize View.
Application programming interfaces for interaction with and extension of the Eclipse Platform User Interface.
Classes for actions and operations used in a workbench window, page, or part in the Eclipse Platform User Interface.
Application programming interfaces for interaction with the Eclipse console.
Provides a standard text editor and concrete document providers based IFileBuffer and others directly handling IFile and IStorage as editor input.
Support for forms-based multi-page editors.
Provides support for integrating handlers into the Eclipse workbench.
APIs for the IDE-specific portion of the Eclipse Platform User Interface.
Provides the Common Navigator framework.
Provides reusable components for clients that need to expand on the capabilities provided by the reference Common Navigator Resources extension.
Classes that provide the basic workbench UI support for undo and redo of operations.
Classes for the creation of workbench parts that integrate with the Eclipse Platform User Interface.
Provides a framework for text editors obeying to the desktop rules.
Application programming interfaces for interaction with the Eclipse text editor template support.
Provides the standard Content Outline view which can show the active editor's custom outline for the document being edited.
Utility classes for working with markers in views
Provides the standard Resource Navigator view which presents the tree of resources in the workspace.
Provides the standard Property Sheet view which displays custom properties of the active workbench part's current selection.
Provides the Tabbed Properties framework.