Package org.eclipse.ui.ide

package org.eclipse.ui.ide
APIs for the IDE-specific portion of the Eclipse Platform User Interface.

Package Specification

This package contains APIs for the Eclipse Platform User Interface that are IDE specific.
  • Class
    Implements an IEditorInput instance appropriate for IFileStore elements that represent files that are not part of the current workspace.
    Factory for saving and restoring a FileStoreEditorInput.
    An extension to the IContributorResourceAdapter that adapts a model object to a ResourceMapping.
    Collection of IDE-specific APIs factored out of existing workbench.
    Preferences defined by the IDE workbench.
    Standard shared images defined by the IDE.
    Access to standard actions provided by the IDE workbench (including those of the generic workbench).
    IDEEncoding is a utility class for managing encoding information that includes user preferences from the IDE and core resources.
    Allows to override editor associations for the IDE.
    An adapter interface for editors, which allows the editor to reveal the position of a given marker.
    Identifiers for IDE menus, toolbars and groups.
    This interface represents a strategy for choosing an IEditorDescriptor for a given file name.
    A saveable filter where the given savable must either match one of the given roots or be a direct or indirect child of one of the roots.
    Provides utilities for checking the validity of selections.
    Utility class for manipulating resources and determining correspondences between resources and workbench objects.