Class IDEEncoding


public final class IDEEncoding extends Object
IDEEncoding is a utility class for managing encoding information that includes user preferences from the IDE and core resources.

This class provides all its functionality via static methods. It is not intended to be instantiated or subclassed.

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  • Field Details

    • BOM_UTF_8

      public static String BOM_UTF_8
      Display constant for the UTF 8 byte order marker for resources.
    • BOM_UTF_16BE

      public static String BOM_UTF_16BE
      Display constant for the UTF 16 big endian byte order marker for resources.
    • BOM_UTF_16LE

      public static String BOM_UTF_16LE
      Display constant for the UTF 16 little endian byte order marker for resources.
  • Method Details

    • getIDEEncodings

      public static List<String> getIDEEncodings()
      Get all of the available encodings including any that were saved as a preference in the IDE or in core resources.
      List of String
    • getResourceEncoding

      public static String getResourceEncoding()
      Get the current value of the encoding preference. If the value is not set return null.
    • addIDEEncoding

      public static void addIDEEncoding(String value)
      Add value to the list of workbench encodings.
      value - encoding to add
    • clearUserEncodings

      public static void clearUserEncodings()
      Clear the IDE encodings preference.
    • getByteOrderMarkLabel

      public static String getByteOrderMarkLabel(IContentDescription description)
      Get the displayable string for the byte order marking from the supplied file description.
      description - The description to query. May be null.
      String or null if the byte order mark cannot be found or the description is null.
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