Package org.eclipse.ui.operations

package org.eclipse.ui.operations
Classes that provide the basic workbench UI support for undo and redo of operations.

Package Specification

This package provides utilities that implement the common function for interacting with the workbench operation history. The workbench operation support provides access to the operation history used by the workbench and a context that should be used to identify operations global to the workbench. The workbench history is used to maintain all undoable operations that occur in the workbench. Standard action handlers and an associated action group are provided so that any view or editor can easily add undo/redo support that works with the workbench operations history. Specialized operation approvers can be used by clients to get user approval for unexpected conditions in the operation history.
  • Class
    An instance of this interface provides support for managing a a shared operations history and an shared undo context at the IWorkbench level.
    An operation approver that prompts the user to see if linear undo violations are permitted.
    An operation approver that prompts the user to see if a non-local undo should proceed inside an editor.
    OperationHistoryActionHandler implements common behavior for the undo and redo actions.
    RedoActionHandler provides common behavior for redoing an operation, as well as labelling and enabling the menu item.
    UndoActionHandler provides common behavior for performing an undo, as well as labelling and enabling the undo menu item.
    UndoRedoActionGroup provides standard undo and redo action handlers for a workbench part site.