Class UndoRedoActionGroup


public final class UndoRedoActionGroup extends ActionGroup

UndoRedoActionGroup provides standard undo and redo action handlers for a workbench part site. It supports filtering of undo or redo on a particular undo context. The undo context can be optionally pruned, which means the context will be flushed actively whenever an invalid operation is found on top of its history. This class may be instantiated by clients.

  • Constructor Details

    • UndoRedoActionGroup

      public UndoRedoActionGroup(IWorkbenchPartSite site, IUndoContext undoContext, boolean pruneHistory)
      Construct an undo redo action group for the specified workbench part site, using the specified undo context.
      site - the workbench part site that is creating the action group
      undoContext - the undo context to be used for filtering the operation history
      pruneHistory - a boolean that indicates whether the history for the specified context should be pruned whenever an invalid operation is encountered.
  • Method Details

    • fillActionBars

      public void fillActionBars(IActionBars actionBars)
      Description copied from class: ActionGroup
      Adds the applicable actions to a part's action bars, including setting any global action handlers.

      The default implementation does nothing. Subclasses may override or extend this method.

      fillActionBars in class ActionGroup
      actionBars - the part's action bars