Class ObjectPluginAction

All Implemented Interfaces:
EventListener, IAction, ISelectionChangedListener, INullSelectionListener, IPartListener2, IPluginContribution, ISelectionListener

public class ObjectPluginAction extends PluginAction implements IPartListener2
An object action extension in a popup menu.

For backward compatibility, the delegate object can implement either IActionDelegate or IObjectActionDelegate.

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      public static final String ATT_OVERRIDE_ACTION_ID
      The configuration element attribute for the identifier of the action which this action is intended to override (i.e., replace).
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  • Constructor Details

    • ObjectPluginAction

      public ObjectPluginAction(IConfigurationElement actionElement, String id, int style)
      Constructs a new ObjectPluginAction.
      actionElement - The configuration element used to construct this action; must not be null.
      id - The identifier for this action; must not be null.
      style - The style bits
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