Class PageSwitcher

  • public abstract class PageSwitcher
    extends Object
    Provides the implementation for switching pages in a view. A view may track pages however it wishes. The view should subclass PageSwitcher to provide the abstract methods, and then instantiate their page switcher once.
    • Constructor Detail

      • PageSwitcher

        public PageSwitcher​(IWorkbenchPart part)
        Register the handlers for page switching with this view or editor.
        part - The part to register against.
    • Method Detail

      • activatePage

        public abstract void activatePage​(Object page)
        Displays the given page in the view. The page must already exist in the view.
        page - the page to display, never null.
      • getName

        public abstract String getName​(Object page)
        Returns a readable name to identify the page.
        page - the page to get the name
        the name of the page
      • getPages

        public abstract Object[] getPages()
        Returns the pages available in the view. These may be used for populating the pop-up dialog when switching pages. These are the objects that will be used in activatePage(Object).
        an array of pages
      • getCurrentPageIndex

        public int getCurrentPageIndex()
        Returns the index of the currently active page. The default implementation returns 0. Subclasses can override.
        the 0-based index of the currently active page from getPages(), or an arbitrary value if getPages() is an empty array.