Uses of Class

Packages that use Dialog
Provides support for performing structural and textual compare operations on arbitrary data and displaying the results.
Provides a generic debugger user interface that clients may customize via standard workbench extension points.
Provides a user interface for debug platform source lookup facilities.
Provides support for dialogs.
Provides a framework for preferences.
Provides a framework for wizards.
Application programming interface to implement a wizard based user interface for refactorings.
Provides basic support for managing Team providers.
Contains the team synchronization presentation framework and support for the Synchronize View.
Classes for standard dialogs, wizards, and preference pages in the Eclipse Platform User Interface.
Forms-based controls for use in views, editors, and wizards.
APIs for dialogs in the IDE-specific portion of the Eclipse Platform User Interface.
Classes for using the preferences support in org.eclipse.core.runtime.preferences
Application programming interfaces for interaction with the Eclipse text editor template support.
Provides the standard Task List view for displaying tasks and problem annotations on resources.