Package org.eclipse.jface.wizard

package org.eclipse.jface.wizard
Provides a framework for wizards.

Package Specification

A wizard dialog is a specialized window for walking the end user through a sequence of steps; each step is presented on a separate page.

At the most abstract level, the protocol is given by 3 interfaces:

  • IWizard - a wizard consisting of several wizard pages
  • IWizardPage - an individual wizard page
  • IWizardContainer - the outside world from the point of view of a wizard
A wizard is any object implementing IWizard. The abstract base class Wizard is provided as a starting point; it is simpler to subclass Wizard than to implement IWizard from scratch. The main responsibility of a Wizard subclass is doing the real work when the wizard finishes.

Similarly, a wizard page is any object implementing IWizardPage. The abstract base class WizardPage is provided as a starting point. The main responsibility of a WizardPage subclass is providing the SWT controls and the backing logic for a single wizard page.

WizardDialog is a ready-to-use JFace dialog that is instantiated with a wizard and acts as the wizard's container. This dialog has a standard layout: an area at the top containing the wizard's title, description, and image; the actual wizard page appears in the middle; below it is a progress indicator; and at the bottom is an area with a message line and a button bar containing Next, Back, Finish, Cancel, and Help buttons.

WizardSelectionPage, a special abstract subclass of WizardPage, allows whole other wizards to be connected to a root page.

Note: None of the classes in this package maintain global state.

  • Class
    Interface for a wizard.
    Interface for containers that can host a wizard.
    IWizardContainer2 is a supplement to IWizardContainer that adds a method for updating the size of the wizard shell based on the contents of the current page.
    A wizard node acts a placeholder for a real wizard in a wizard selection page.
    Interface for a wizard page.
    A standard implementation of an IProgressMonitor.
    An abstract base implementation of a wizard.
    A dialog to show a wizard to the end user.
    An abstract base implementation of a wizard page.
    An abstract implementation of a wizard page that manages a set of embedded wizards.