Interface IWizardNode

  • public interface IWizardNode
    A wizard node acts a placeholder for a real wizard in a wizard selection page. It is done in such a way that the actual creation of a wizard can be deferred until the wizard is really needed.

    When a wizard node comes into existence, its wizard may or may not have been created yet; isContentCreated can be used to determine which. A node may be asked for its wizard using getWizard, which will force it to be created if required. Once the client is done with a wizard node, its disposemethod must be called to free up the wizard; once disposes, the node should no longer be used.

    This interface should be implemented by clients wishing to support this kind of wizard placeholder in a wizard selection page.

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    • Method Detail

      • dispose

        void dispose()
        Disposes the wizard managed by this node. Does nothing if the wizard has not been created.

        This is the last message that should ever be sent to this node.

      • getExtent

        Point getExtent()
        Returns the extent of the wizard for this node.

        If the content has not yet been created, calling this method does not trigger the creation of the wizard. This allows this node to suggest an extent in advance of actually creating the wizard.

        the extent, or (-1, -1) extent is not known
      • getWizard

        IWizard getWizard()
        Returns the wizard this node stands for.

        If the content has not been created beforehand, calling this method triggers the creation of the wizard and caches it so that the identical wizard object is returned on subsequent calls.

        the wizard
      • isContentCreated

        boolean isContentCreated()
        Returns whether a wizard has been created for this node.
        true if a wizard has been created, and false otherwise