Class FilteredItemsSelectionDialog

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public abstract class FilteredItemsSelectionDialog extends SelectionStatusDialog
Shows a list of items to the user with a text entry field for a string pattern used to filter the list of items.
  • Field Details

    • NONE

      public static final int NONE
      Represents an empty selection in the pattern input field (used only for initial pattern).
      See Also:

      public static final int CARET_BEGINNING
      Pattern input field selection where caret is at the beginning (used only for initial pattern).
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      public static final int FULL_SELECTION
      Represents a full selection in the pattern input field (used only for initial pattern).
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  • Constructor Details

    • FilteredItemsSelectionDialog

      public FilteredItemsSelectionDialog(Shell shell, boolean multi)
      Creates a new instance of the class.
      shell - shell to parent the dialog on
      multi - indicates whether dialog allows to select more than one position in its list of items
    • FilteredItemsSelectionDialog

      public FilteredItemsSelectionDialog(Shell shell)
      Creates a new instance of the class. Created dialog won't allow to select more than one item.
      shell - shell to parent the dialog on
  • Method Details

    • addListFilter

      protected void addListFilter(ViewerFilter filter)
      Adds viewer filter to the dialog items list.
      filter - the new filter
    • setListLabelProvider

      public void setListLabelProvider(ILabelProvider listLabelProvider)
      Sets a new label provider for items in the list. If the label provider also implements .IStyledLabelProvider, the style text labels provided by it will be used provided that the corresponding preference is set.
      listLabelProvider - the label provider for items in the list
      See Also:
    • setListSelectionLabelDecorator

      public void setListSelectionLabelDecorator(ILabelDecorator listSelectionLabelDecorator)
      Sets the label decorator for selected items in the list.
      listSelectionLabelDecorator - the label decorator for selected items in the list
    • setDetailsLabelProvider

      public void setDetailsLabelProvider(ILabelProvider detailsLabelProvider)
      Sets label provider for the details field. For a single selection, the element sent to ILabelProvider.getImage(Object) and ILabelProvider.getText(Object) is the selected object, for multiple selection a String with amount of selected items is the element.
      detailsLabelProvider - the label provider for the details field
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    • create

      public void create()
      Description copied from class: Window
      Creates this window's widgetry in a new top-level shell.

      The default implementation of this framework method creates this window's shell (by calling createShell), and its controls (by calling createContents), then initializes this window's shell bounds (by calling initializeBounds).

      create in class SelectionStatusDialog
    • restoreDialog

      protected void restoreDialog(IDialogSettings settings)
      Restores dialog using persisted settings. The default implementation restores the status of the details line and the selection history.
      settings - settings used to restore dialog
    • close

      public boolean close()
      Description copied from class: Window
      Closes this window, disposes its shell, and removes this window from its window manager (if it has one).

      This framework method may be extended (super.close must be called).

      Note that in order to prevent recursive calls to this method it does not call Shell#close(). As a result ShellListeners will not receive a shellClosed event.

      close in class Dialog
      true if the window is (or was already) closed, and false if it is still open
      See Also:
    • storeDialog

      protected void storeDialog(IDialogSettings settings)
      Stores dialog settings.
      settings - settings used to store dialog
    • fillViewMenu

      protected void fillViewMenu(IMenuManager menuManager)
      Fills the menu of the dialog.
      menuManager - the menu manager
    • fillContextMenu

      protected void fillContextMenu(IMenuManager menuManager)
      Hook that allows to add actions to the context menu.

      Subclasses may extend in order to add other actions.

      menuManager - the context menu manager
    • createExtendedContentArea

      protected abstract Control createExtendedContentArea(Composite parent)
      Creates an extra content area, which will be located above the details.
      parent - parent to create the dialog widgets in
      an extra content area
    • createDialogArea

      protected Control createDialogArea(Composite parent)
      Description copied from class: Dialog
      Creates and returns the contents of the upper part of this dialog (above the button bar).

      The Dialog implementation of this framework method creates and returns a new Composite with standard margins and spacing.

      The returned control's layout data must be an instance of GridData. This method must not modify the parent's layout.

      Subclasses must override this method but may call super as in the following example:

       Composite composite = (Composite) super.createDialogArea(parent);
       //add controls to composite as necessary
       return composite;
      createDialogArea in class Dialog
      parent - the parent composite to contain the dialog area
      the dialog area control
    • handleDoubleClick

      protected void handleDoubleClick()
      This method is a hook for subclasses to override default dialog behavior. The handleDoubleClick() method handles double clicks on the list of filtered elements.

      Current implementation makes double-clicking on the list do the same as pressing OK button on the dialog.

    • handleSelected

      protected void handleSelected(StructuredSelection selection)
      Handle selection in the items list by updating labels of selected and unselected items and refresh the details field using the selection.
      selection - the new selection
    • getDialogBoundsSettings

      protected IDialogSettings getDialogBoundsSettings()
      Description copied from class: SelectionDialog
      Gets the dialog settings that should be used for remembering the bounds of the dialog, according to the dialog bounds strategy. Overridden to provide the dialog settings that were set using SelectionDialog.setDialogBoundsSettings(IDialogSettings, int).
      getDialogBoundsSettings in class SelectionDialog
      the dialog settings used to store the dialog's location and/or size, or null if the dialog's bounds should not be stored.
      See Also:
    • getDialogSettings

      protected abstract IDialogSettings getDialogSettings()
      Returns the dialog settings. Returned object can't be null.
      return dialog settings for this dialog
    • refresh

      public void refresh()
      Refreshes the dialog - has to be called in UI thread.
    • updateProgressLabel

      @Deprecated public void updateProgressLabel()
      Updates the progress label.
    • reloadCache

      public void reloadCache(boolean checkDuplicates, IProgressMonitor monitor)
      Notifies the content provider - fires filtering of content provider elements. During the filtering, a separator between history and workspace matches is added.

      This is a long running operation and should be called in a job.

      checkDuplicates - true if data concerning elements duplication should be computed - it takes much more time than the standard filtering
      monitor - a progress monitor or null if no monitor is available
    • scheduleRefresh

      public void scheduleRefresh()
      Schedule refresh job.
    • scheduleProgressMessageRefresh

      public void scheduleProgressMessageRefresh()
      Schedules progress message refresh.
    • computeResult

      protected void computeResult()
      Description copied from class: SelectionStatusDialog
      Compute the result and return it.
      Specified by:
      computeResult in class SelectionStatusDialog
    • updateStatus

      protected void updateStatus(IStatus status)
      Description copied from class: SelectionStatusDialog
      Update the dialog's status line to reflect the given status. It is safe to call this method before the dialog has been opened.
      updateStatus in class SelectionStatusDialog
      status - the IStatus to use for updating the status line.
    • okPressed

      protected void okPressed()
      Description copied from class: Dialog
      Notifies that the ok button of this dialog has been pressed.

      The Dialog implementation of this framework method sets this dialog's return code to Window.OK and closes the dialog. Subclasses may override.

      okPressed in class SelectionStatusDialog
    • setInitialPattern

      public void setInitialPattern(String text)
      Sets the initial pattern used by the filter. This text is copied into the selection input on the dialog. A full selection is used in the pattern input field.
      text - initial pattern for the filter
      See Also:
    • setInitialPattern

      public void setInitialPattern(String text, int selectionMode)
      Sets the initial pattern used by the filter. This text is copied into the selection input on the dialog. The selectionMode is used to choose selection type for the input field.
      text - initial pattern for the filter
      selectionMode - one of: NONE, CARET_BEGINNING, FULL_SELECTION
    • getInitialPattern

      protected String getInitialPattern()
      Gets initial pattern.
      initial pattern, or null if initial pattern is not set
    • getSelectedItems

      protected StructuredSelection getSelectedItems()
      Returns the current selection.
      the current selection
    • validateItem

      protected abstract IStatus validateItem(Object item)
      Validates the item. When items on the items list are selected or deselected, it validates each item in the selection and the dialog status depends on all validations.
      item - an item to be checked
      status of the dialog to be set
    • createFilter

      protected abstract FilteredItemsSelectionDialog.ItemsFilter createFilter()
      Creates an instance of a filter.
      a filter for items on the items list. Can be null, no filtering will be applied then, causing no item to be shown in the list.
    • applyFilter

      protected void applyFilter()
      Applies the filter created by createFilter() method to the items list. When new filter is different than previous one it will cause refiltering.
    • getItemsComparator

      protected abstract Comparator getItemsComparator()
      Returns comparator to sort items inside content provider. Returned object will be probably created as an anonymous class. Parameters passed to the compare(java.lang.Object, java.lang.Object) are going to be the same type as the one used in the content provider.
      comparator to sort items content provider
    • fillContentProvider

      protected abstract void fillContentProvider(FilteredItemsSelectionDialog.AbstractContentProvider contentProvider, FilteredItemsSelectionDialog.ItemsFilter itemsFilter, IProgressMonitor progressMonitor) throws CoreException
      Fills the content provider with matching items.
      contentProvider - collector to add items to. FilteredItemsSelectionDialog.AbstractContentProvider.add(Object, FilteredItemsSelectionDialog.ItemsFilter) only adds items that pass the given itemsFilter.
      itemsFilter - the items filter
      progressMonitor - must be used to report search progress. The state of this progress monitor reflects the state of the filtering process.
      CoreException - Something went wrong.
    • removeHistoryItem

      protected Object removeHistoryItem(Object item)
      Removes an item from history.
      item - an item to remove
      removed item
    • accessedHistoryItem

      protected void accessedHistoryItem(Object item)
      Adds item to history.
      item - the item to be added
    • getSelectionHistory

      protected FilteredItemsSelectionDialog.SelectionHistory getSelectionHistory()
      Returns the history of selected elements.
      history of selected elements, or null if it is not set
    • setSelectionHistory

      protected void setSelectionHistory(FilteredItemsSelectionDialog.SelectionHistory selectionHistory)
      Sets new history.
      selectionHistory - the history
    • isHistoryElement

      public boolean isHistoryElement(Object item)
      Indicates whether the given item is a history item.
      item - the item to be investigated
      true if the given item exists in history, false otherwise
    • isDuplicateElement

      public boolean isDuplicateElement(Object item)
      Indicates whether the given item is a duplicate.
      item - the item to be investigated
      true if the item is duplicate, false otherwise
    • setSeparatorLabel

      public void setSeparatorLabel(String separatorLabel)
      Sets separator label
      separatorLabel - the label showed on separator
    • getElementName

      public abstract String getElementName(Object item)
      Returns name for then given object.
      item - an object from the content provider. Subclasses should pay attention to the passed argument. They should either only pass objects of a known type (one used in content provider) or make sure that passed parameter is the expected one (by type checking like instanceof inside the method).
      name of the given item
    • getPatternControl

      public Control getPatternControl()
      Get the control where the search pattern is entered. Any filtering should be done using an FilteredItemsSelectionDialog.ItemsFilter. This control should only be accessed for listeners that wish to handle events that do not affect filtering such as custom traversal.
      Control or null if the pattern control has not been created.
    • getStyledStringHighlighter

      public IStyledStringHighlighter getStyledStringHighlighter()
      Returns the styledStringHighlighter.
    • setStyledStringHighlighter

      public void setStyledStringHighlighter(IStyledStringHighlighter styledStringHighlighter)
      styledStringHighlighter - The styledStringHighlighter to set.