Prototype Tab

An Eclipse Launch Configuration can now be based on a prototype.

Prototype Tab

A prototype seeds attributes in its associated Eclipse Launch Configurations with the settings specified in the Prototype Tab.

Prototype Tab for Prototype

Once an Eclipse Launch Configuration has been created, you can override any initial settings from the prototype. You can also reset the settings of an Eclipse Launch Configuration with the ones from its prototype. An Eclipse Launch Configuration maintains a link to its prototype, but is a complete stand-alone launch configuration than can be launched, exported, shared, etc.

Prototype Tab for Configuration

Create Prototype

Create a prototype via the New Prototype menu item or the New Prototype button in the toolbar.

Existing prototypes have a small P in the top right corner of their icon.

Create Prototype

Delete Prototype

Delete a prototype the same way you delete an Eclipse Launch Configuration:via the Delete menu item or the Delete button in the toolbar.

Delete Prototype

Edit Prototype

The Prototype Tab allows you to select the attributes that will be applied to the linked Eclipse Launch Configurations.

It also indicates the value of all attributes of the Eclipse Launch Configuration.

Edit Prototype

Link Launch Configuration to Prototype

Link an Eclipse Launch Configuration to a prototype via the Link Prototype menu item.

Link Prototype

The link action opens a dialog allowing to select the prototype to link with.

Link Prototype Dialog

Unlink an Eclipse Launch Configuration to a prototype via the Unlink Prototype menu item.

Unlink Prototype

You can also link and unlink via the Link... and Unlink... buttons in the Prototype Tab.

The difference is then you have to use the Apply button to validate the actions.

Prototype buttons

Reset Launch Configuration with Prototype values

You can reset the attributes of an Eclipse Launch Configuration via the Reset with Prototype values menu item.

Reset with Prototype

You can also reset the attributes values via the Reset to Prototype button in the Prototype Tab.

The difference is that you have to use the Apply button to validate the reset.

Prototype buttons

Enable Prototype mechanism for your own launch configurations

Prototypes are already enabled for JDT and PDE launch configurations. Others projects have to enable prototypes in org.eclipse.debug.core.launchConfigurationTypes extension point:

      modes="run, debug"
and also implement org.eclipse.debug.ui.AbstractLaunchConfigurationTab.initializeAttributes() for their specifics tabs.

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