Test Tab

The Test Tab specifies the tests to run and the level of JUnit test runner to use.

JUnit Plug-in Test

Tests to Run

The JUnit Plug-in Test launcher allows you to run single tests or collections of tests en masse.

If the individual test option is chosen, you have to specify the fully-qualified test class name along with the name of the plug-in project where the class is located. The launcher can give you more granularity for single tests by allowing you to choose to run a single method from within a test class.

You also have the option to run all tests housed within a container (project, package or a source folder). In addition to the convenience of running an arbitrary number of test cases with a single click, this option gives you the additional flexibility of not having to update the launch configuration every time you add a test class to your suite. The list of tests is dynamically recomputed prior to every launch based on the current contents of the container.

Test Runner

Eclipse provides two JUnit test runners:

Eclipse Application Launcher
JUnit Plug-in Test Launcher
OSGi Framework Launcher
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