Class PlatformObject

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AbstractMemoryRendering, AbstractRepository, AbstractSourceContainer, AbstractSynchronizeParticipant, Breakpoint, BreakpointTypeCategory, CachedResourceVariant, CommonSourceNotFoundEditorInput, CompareEditorInput, DebugElement, FileEditorInput, FileStore, FileSystem,, Launch, LocalFileStorage, ModelProvider, Refactoring, RefactoringDescriptorProxy, RefactoringHistory, RefactoringParticipant, RefactoringProcessor, RepositoryProviderType, ResourceMapping, RuntimeProcess, SynchronizationContext, SynchronizationScopeManager, ZipEntryStorage

public abstract class PlatformObject extends Object implements IAdaptable
An abstract superclass implementing the IAdaptable interface. getAdapter invocations are directed to the platform's adapter manager.

Note: In situations where it would be awkward to subclass this class, the same effect can be achieved simply by implementing the IAdaptable interface and explicitly forwarding the getAdapter request to an implementation of the IAdapterManager service. The method would look like:

     public <T> T getAdapter(Class<T> adapter) {
         IAdapterManager manager = ...;//lookup the IAdapterManager service         
         return manager.getAdapter(this, adapter);

This class can be used without OSGi running.

Clients may subclass.

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  • Constructor Details

    • PlatformObject

      public PlatformObject()
      Constructs a new platform object.
  • Method Details

    • getAdapter

      public <T> T getAdapter(Class<T> adapter)
      Returns an object which is an instance of the given class associated with this object. Returns null if no such object can be found.

      This implementation of the method declared by IAdaptable passes the request along to the platform's adapter manager; roughly Platform.getAdapterManager().getAdapter(this, adapter). Subclasses may override this method (however, if they do so, they should invoke the method on their superclass to ensure that the Platform's adapter manager is consulted).

      Specified by:
      getAdapter in interface IAdaptable
      Type Parameters:
      T - the class type
      adapter - the class to adapt to
      the adapted object or null
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