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ZERO_LENGTH_STRING - Static variable in class org.eclipse.jface.util.Util
A common zero-length string.
ZipEntryStorage - Class in org.eclipse.debug.core.sourcelookup.containers
Storage implementation for zip entries.
ZipEntryStorage(ZipFile, ZipEntry) - Constructor for class org.eclipse.debug.core.sourcelookup.containers.ZipEntryStorage
Constructs a new storage implementation for the given zip entry in the specified zip file
ZipFileExportWizard - Class in org.eclipse.ui.wizards.datatransfer
Standard workbench wizard for exporting resources from the workspace to a zip file.
ZipFileExportWizard() - Constructor for class org.eclipse.ui.wizards.datatransfer.ZipFileExportWizard
Creates a wizard for exporting workspace resources to a zip file.
ZipFileImportWizard - Class in org.eclipse.ui.wizards.datatransfer
Standard workbench wizard for importing resources from a zip file into the workspace.
ZipFileImportWizard() - Constructor for class org.eclipse.ui.wizards.datatransfer.ZipFileImportWizard
Creates a wizard for importing resources into the workspace from a zip file.
ZipFileStructureCreator - Class in
This implementation of the IStructureCreator interface makes the contents of a zip archive available as a hierarchical structure of IStructureComparators.
ZipFileStructureCreator() - Constructor for class
Create a new ZipFileStructureCreator.
ZipFileStructureCreator(String) - Constructor for class
Create a new ZipFileStructureCreator with the given title.
ZipFileStructureProvider - Class in org.eclipse.ui.wizards.datatransfer
This class provides information regarding the context structure and content of specified zip file entry objects.
ZipFileStructureProvider(ZipFile) - Constructor for class org.eclipse.ui.wizards.datatransfer.ZipFileStructureProvider
Creates a ZipFileStructureProvider, which will operate on the passed zip file.
ZoomChanged - Static variable in class org.eclipse.swt.SWT
The SWT zoom change event type (value is 55).
zoomOut() - Method in interface org.eclipse.ui.IWorkbenchPage
Zooms out the zoomed-in part.
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All Classes and Interfaces|All Packages|Constant Field Values|Serialized Form