Class EclipseLaunchShortcut

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public class EclipseLaunchShortcut extends AbstractLaunchShortcut
A launch shortcut capable of launching an Eclipse application. Given the current selection, either a new Eclipse Application launch configuration is created with default settings, or the user is presented with a list of suitable existing Eclipse Application launch configurations to choose from.

This class may be instantiated or subclassed by clients.

  • Field Details


      public static final String CONFIGURATION_TYPE
      The launch configuration type name that this shortcut uses
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  • Constructor Details

    • EclipseLaunchShortcut

      public EclipseLaunchShortcut()
  • Method Details

    • launch

      public void launch(IEditorPart editor, String mode)
    • launch

      public void launch(ISelection selection, String mode)
    • findLaunchConfiguration

      protected ILaunchConfiguration findLaunchConfiguration(String mode)
      Description copied from class: AbstractLaunchShortcut
      This method first tries to locate existing launch configurations that are suitable for the application or framework being launched.
      • If none are found, a new launch configuration is created and initialized
      • If one is found, it is launched automatically
      • If more than one is found, a selection dialog is presented to the user and the chosen one will be launched
      findLaunchConfiguration in class AbstractLaunchShortcut
      mode - mode of launch (run, debug or profile)
      a launch configuration to run or null if launch is canceled
    • isGoodMatch

      protected boolean isGoodMatch(ILaunchConfiguration configuration)
      Returns a boolean value indicating whether the launch configuration is a good match for the application or product to launch.
      Specified by:
      isGoodMatch in class AbstractLaunchShortcut
      configuration - the launch configuration being evaluated
      true if the launch configuration is suitable for the application or product to launch with, false otherwise.
    • initializeConfiguration

      protected void initializeConfiguration(ILaunchConfigurationWorkingCopy wc)
      Initializes a new Eclipse Application launch configuration with defaults based on the current selection:
      • If there is no selection or the selected project is a plug-in that does not declare an application, the default product is launched.
      • If the selected project is a plug-in that declares an application, then that application is launched.
      • If the selected project is a plug-in that declares more than one application, then the user is presented with a list of choices to choose from.
      Once an application is chosen, the plug-in is searched to see if there is a product bound to this application. If a product is found, the product is launched instead, since a product provides a richer branded experience.
      Specified by:
      initializeConfiguration in class AbstractLaunchShortcut
      wc - the launch configuration working copy to be initialize
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    • getLaunchConfigurationTypeName

      protected String getLaunchConfigurationTypeName()
      Returns the Eclipse application configuration type ID as declared in the plugin.xml
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      getLaunchConfigurationTypeName in class AbstractLaunchShortcut
      the Eclipse application configuration type ID
    • getName

      protected String getName(ILaunchConfigurationType type)
      Description copied from class: AbstractLaunchShortcut
      Returns the name assigned to the new launch configuration
      getName in class AbstractLaunchShortcut
      a name for the new launch configuration