Class AbstractLaunchShortcut

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Direct Known Subclasses:
EclipseLaunchShortcut, OSGiLaunchShortcut

public abstract class AbstractLaunchShortcut extends Object implements ILaunchShortcut
An abstract class subclassed by the Eclipse Application and OSGi Framework launch shortcuts.

This class may be subclassed by clients.

  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractLaunchShortcut

      public AbstractLaunchShortcut()
  • Method Details

    • launch

      protected void launch(String mode)
      Launches the application in the specified mode, or does nothing if the user canceled the launch when offered to select one of several available launch configurations.
      mode - mode of launch (run, debug or profile)
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    • findLaunchConfiguration

      protected ILaunchConfiguration findLaunchConfiguration(String mode)
      This method first tries to locate existing launch configurations that are suitable for the application or framework being launched.
      • If none are found, a new launch configuration is created and initialized
      • If one is found, it is launched automatically
      • If more than one is found, a selection dialog is presented to the user and the chosen one will be launched
      mode - mode of launch (run, debug or profile)
      a launch configuration to run or null if launch is canceled
    • chooseConfiguration

      protected ILaunchConfiguration chooseConfiguration(ILaunchConfiguration[] configs, String mode)
      Display to the user a list of matching existing launch configurations and return the user's selection.
      configs - an array of matching existing launch configurations
      mode - mode of launch
      the launch configuration selected by the user or null if Cancel was pressed
    • getName

      protected String getName(ILaunchConfigurationType type)
      Returns the name assigned to the new launch configuration
      a name for the new launch configuration
    • initializeConfiguration

      protected abstract void initializeConfiguration(ILaunchConfigurationWorkingCopy wc)
      Initialize launch attributes on the new launch configuration. Must be overridden by subclasses.
      wc - the launch configuration working copy to be initialize
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    • getLaunchConfigurationTypeName

      protected abstract String getLaunchConfigurationTypeName()
      Returns the launch configuration type name. Must be overridden by subclasses
      the launch configuration type name
    • isGoodMatch

      protected abstract boolean isGoodMatch(ILaunchConfiguration configuration)
      Determines whether a given launch configuration is a good match given the current application or framework being launched. This method must be overridden by subclasses. Its purpose is to add criteria on what makes a good match or not.
      configuration - the launch configuration being evaluated
      true if the launch configuration is a good match for the application or framework being launched, false otherwise.