Command Section

About This Section

This section allows you to do the following:

This section is accessible by selecting a step or sub-step node in the Content section.

Step Content Section

Section Fields

This section contains the following fields:

Label Type Name Description Required
Command Combo Box Workbench Command Select a recently added workbench command from this field to add a command to a step or sub-step. Select <none> to remove a command from a step or sub-step.

Note: A command cannot be added to a step that contains sub-steps.

This field is globally populated and synchronized with all commands recently added to all steps and sub-steps.

Use the Browse... button to select new workbench commands.
Parameters Table Workbench Command Parameters This non-editable field shows the applicable parameters for a workbench command selected in the Command combo box.

Each row represents one command parameter or key-value pair. The first column lists command parameter keys and the second column lists command parameter values.

To edit the parameters of a selected workbench commands, click the Browse... button.
Command Definition Section

Section Actions

This section provides the following actions:

Label Type Name Description
Browse... Button Browse Workbench Commands Click this button to launch the Command Composer Dialog.

This dialog allows you to browse, test and select new executable workbench commands to add to a step or sub-step. The dialog also allows you to edit applicable parameters for selected workbench commands.


A step with a command is represented in the Cheat Sheet view as follows:

Step Cheat Sheet View

A sub-step with a command is represented in the Cheat Sheet view as follows:

Step Cheat Sheet View

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