Sub-Step Section

About This Section

This Definition section allows you to edit the properties of a sub-step. It is activated by selecting a sub-step node in the Content section.

Sub-Step Content Section

Section Fields

This section contains the following fields:

Label Type Name Description Required
Body Text Sub-Step Body Edit this field to specify the instructional content of the sub-step. Yes
This sub-step is optional Checkbox Optional Sub-Step Check this field to make the completion of this sub-step in the Cheat Sheet view optional.

A non-optional sub-step includes a Click when complete action in the Cheat Sheet view to complete the sub-step. An optional sub-step includes a Click to skip action in the Cheat Sheet view to skip the sub-step.
Sub-Step Definition Section


A sub-step is represented in the Cheat Sheet view as follows:

Sub-Step Cheat Sheet View

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