Specifying the location of source files

You can specify the locations of source files used when debugging a C or C++ application. By default, this information is taken from your project.

To specify the locations of source files:

  1. In the C/C++ Projects view, select a project.
  2. Click Run > Run or Run > Debug.
  3. In the Configurations box, expand C/C++ Local.
  4. Select a run or debug configuration.
  5. Click the Source tab.
  6. To add a source container to the source locations list:
    • Click Add to open the Add Source dialog box
    • Select a container type.
    • Select a container from the list of available containers of the selected type.
  7. You can remove or modify a source container by selecting a container and clicking the Remove or Edit button.
  8. You can change the order of source containers by selecting a container and clicking the Up or Down buttons.
  9. To search for duplications in your source locations select the Search for duplicate source files on the path checkbox.

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