Project file views

Projects files and elements are displayed in the C/C++ Projects view and in the ProjectExplorer view.

C/C++ Projects view

Displays, in a tree structure, only elements relevant to C and C++ projects. In this view you can do the following:

Files that you select in the C/C++ Projects view affect the information that is displayed in other views.

C/C++ Projects View

Project Explorer view

The Project Explorer view provides a hierarchical view of all the resources in the workbench, not just your C/C++ resources. From this view, you can open files for editing or select resources for operations such as exporting.

Right-click any resource in the Project Explorer view to open a pop-up menu from which you can perform operations such as copy, move, create new resources, compare resources, or perform team operations. For a description of what each menu item does, select an item and press F1.

The Project Explorer view is provided by the Eclipse Platform. See the Workbench User Guide for more information.

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