Class RunToLineHandler

All Implemented Interfaces:
IWorkspaceRunnable, ICoreRunnable, IBreakpointManagerListener, IDebugEventSetListener

public class RunToLineHandler extends Object implements IDebugEventSetListener, IBreakpointManagerListener, IWorkspaceRunnable
Handles a run to line operation. Clients implementing a run to line action can use this handler to carry out a run to line operation implemented with a breakpoint. Handles the user preference to skip breakpoints while performing a run to line operation, and cancelling the run to line operation if another breakpoint is encountered before the operation is completed.

Clients may instantiate this class.

This class is not intended to be subclassed by clients.
  • Constructor Details

    • RunToLineHandler

      public RunToLineHandler(IDebugTarget target, ISuspendResume suspendResume, IBreakpoint breakpoint)
      Constructs a handler to perform a run to line operation.
      target - the debug target in which the operation is to be performed
      suspendResume - the element to be resumed to begin the operation
      breakpoint - the run to line breakpoint
  • Method Details

    • handleDebugEvents

      public void handleDebugEvents(DebugEvent[] events)
      Description copied from interface: IDebugEventSetListener
      Notifies this listener of the given debug events. All of the events in the given event collection occurred at the same location the program be run or debugged.
      Specified by:
      handleDebugEvents in interface IDebugEventSetListener
      events - the debug events
    • breakpointManagerEnablementChanged

      public void breakpointManagerEnablementChanged(boolean enabled)
      Description copied from interface: IBreakpointManagerListener
      Notifies the listener that the breakpoint manager's enablement has changed.
      Specified by:
      breakpointManagerEnablementChanged in interface IBreakpointManagerListener
      enabled - whether or not the breakpoint manager is enabled
    • cancel

      public void cancel()
      Cancels the run to line operation.
    • run

      public void run(IProgressMonitor monitor) throws CoreException
      Description copied from interface: ICoreRunnable
      Executes this runnable.

      The provided monitor can be used to report progress and respond to cancellation. If the progress monitor has been canceled, the runnable should finish its execution at the earliest convenience and throw an OperationCanceledException. A CoreException with a status of severity IStatus.CANCEL has the same effect as an OperationCanceledException.

      Specified by:
      run in interface ICoreRunnable
      Specified by:
      run in interface IWorkspaceRunnable
      monitor - a progress monitor, or null if progress reporting and cancellation are not desired. The monitor is only valid for the duration of the invocation of this method. Callers may call IProgressMonitor.done() after this method returns or throws an exception, but this is not strictly required.
      CoreException - if this operation fails