Class MarkerViewHandler

All Implemented Interfaces:
IHandler, IHandler2

public abstract class MarkerViewHandler extends AbstractHandler
MarkerViewHandler is the abstract class of the handlers for the MarkerSupportView
  • Constructor Details

    • MarkerViewHandler

      public MarkerViewHandler()
  • Method Details

    • getView

      public MarkerSupportView getView(ExecutionEvent event)
      Get the view this event occurred on.
      event - the event
      MarkerSupportView or null
    • execute

      public void execute(IUndoableOperation operation, String title, IProgressMonitor monitor, IAdaptable uiInfo)
      Execute the specified undoable operation
      operation - the operation to be executed and then added to the history
      title - a title (or null) used to log failure
      monitor - the progress monitor to be used (or null) during the operation.
      uiInfo - the IAdaptable (or null) provided by the caller in order to supply UI information for prompting the user if necessary. When this parameter is not null, it should minimally contain an adapter for the org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Shell.class.
    • getSelectedMarkers

      public IMarker[] getSelectedMarkers(ExecutionEvent event)
      Get the selected markers for the receiver in the view from event. If the view cannot be found then return an empty array. This is run using Display.syncExec(Runnable) so that it can be called outside of the UI Thread.
      event - the event