Class TextEditorPreferencePage

All Implemented Interfaces:
EventListener, IDialogPage, IMessageProvider, IPreferencePage, IPropertyChangeListener, IWorkbenchPreferencePage

@Deprecated public class TextEditorPreferencePage extends FieldEditorPreferencePage implements IWorkbenchPreferencePage
As of 2.1, fonts are managed by the workbench, no longer supported
A preference page to set the font used in the default text editor.

This preference page uses the text editor's preference bundle and uses the key "PreferencePage.description" to look up the page description. In addition, it uses "PreferencePage.fontEditor" for the editor description.

  • Constructor Details

    • TextEditorPreferencePage

      public TextEditorPreferencePage()
      Creates and returns the text editor preference page.
  • Method Details

    • createControl

      public void createControl(Composite parent)
      Description copied from class: PreferencePage
      The PreferencePage implementation of this IDialogPage method creates a description label and button bar for the page. It calls createContents to create the custom contents of the page.

      If a subclass that overrides this method creates a Composite that has a layout with default margins (for example, a GridLayout) it is expected to set the margins of this Layout to 0 pixels.

      Specified by:
      createControl in interface IDialogPage
      createControl in class PreferencePage
      parent - the parent composite
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    • createFieldEditors

      public void createFieldEditors()
      Description copied from class: FieldEditorPreferencePage
      Creates the page's field editors.

      The default implementation of this framework method does nothing. Subclass must implement this method to create the field editors.

      Subclasses should call getFieldEditorParent to obtain the parent control for each field editor. This same parent should not be used for more than one editor as the parent may change for each field editor depending on the layout style of the page

      Specified by:
      createFieldEditors in class FieldEditorPreferencePage
    • init

      public void init(IWorkbench workbench)
      Description copied from interface: IWorkbenchPreferencePage
      Initializes this preference page for the given workbench.

      This method is called automatically as the preference page is being created and initialized. Clients must not call this method.

      Specified by:
      init in interface IWorkbenchPreferencePage
      workbench - the workbench
    • initDefaults

      public static void initDefaults(IPreferenceStore store)
      Initializes the defaults for the given store.
      store - the preference store