Interface IPreferencePage

All Superinterfaces:
All Known Subinterfaces:
ISearchScopePage, IWorkbenchPreferencePage, IWorkbenchPropertyPage, IWorkbenchPropertyPageMulti
All Known Implementing Classes:
ActivitiesPreferencePage, ActivityCategoryPreferencePage, ComparePreferencePage, FieldEditorPreferencePage, PreferencePage, PropertyPage, RepositoryManipulationPage, RootScopePage, TemplatePreferencePage, TextEditorPreferencePage, WizardPropertyPage

public interface IPreferencePage extends IDialogPage
An interface for a preference page. This interface is used primarily by the page's container
  • Method Details

    • computeSize

      Point computeSize()
      Computes a size for this page's UI component.
      the size of the preference page encoded as new Point(width,height), or (0,0) if the page doesn't currently have any UI component
    • isValid

      boolean isValid()
      Returns whether this dialog page is in a valid state.
      true if the page is in a valid state, and false if invalid
    • okToLeave

      boolean okToLeave()
      Checks whether it is alright to leave this page.
      false to abort page flipping and the have the current page remain visible, and true to allow the page flip
    • performCancel

      boolean performCancel()
      Notifies that the container of this preference page has been canceled.
      false to abort the container's cancel procedure and true to allow the cancel to happen
    • performOk

      boolean performOk()
      Notifies that the OK button of this page's container has been pressed.
      false to abort the container's OK processing and true to allow the OK to happen
    • setContainer

      void setContainer(IPreferencePageContainer preferencePageContainer)
      Sets or clears the container of this page.
      preferencePageContainer - the preference page container, or null
    • setSize

      void setSize(Point size)
      Sets the size of this page's UI component.
      size - the size of the preference page encoded as new Point(width,height)