Class FileEditorMappingContentProvider

All Implemented Interfaces:
IContentProvider, IStructuredContentProvider

public class FileEditorMappingContentProvider extends Object implements IStructuredContentProvider
A content provider for displaying of IFileEditorMapping objects in viewers.

This class has a singleton instance, FileEditorMappingContentProvider.INSTANCE, which can be used any place this kind of content provider is needed.

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    • getElements

      public Object[] getElements(Object element)
      Description copied from interface: IStructuredContentProvider
      Returns the elements to display in the viewer when its input is set to the given element. These elements can be presented as rows in a table, items in a list, etc. The result is not modified by the viewer.
      Specified by:
      getElements in interface IStructuredContentProvider
      element - the input element
      the array of elements to display in the viewer