Package org.eclipse.swt.layout

package org.eclipse.swt.layout
SWT layout classes.

Package Specification

This package contains several standard layout classes which provide automated positioning and sizing support for SWT widgets.
  • Classes
    Controls the several aspects of a BorderLayout.
    BorderLayout places controls in five regions
    FillLayout is the simplest layout class.
    Instances of this class are used to define the edges of a control within a FormLayout.
    Instances of this class are used to define the attachments of a control in a FormLayout.
    Instances of this class control the position and size of the children of a composite control by using FormAttachments to optionally configure the left, top, right and bottom edges of each child.
    GridData is the layout data object associated with GridLayout.
    Instances of this class lay out the control children of a Composite in a grid.
    Each control controlled by a RowLayout can have its initial width and height specified by setting a RowData object into the control.
    Instances of this class determine the size and position of the children of a Composite by placing them either in horizontal rows or vertical columns within the parent Composite.