Class TextSearchScope

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public abstract class TextSearchScope extends Object
A TextSearchScope defines the scope of a search. The scope consists of all workbench resources that are accepted by contains(IResourceProxy) and that either are a root element (getRoots()) or have a root element in their parent chain.
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  • Constructor Details

    • TextSearchScope

      public TextSearchScope()
  • Method Details

    • newSearchScope

      public static TextSearchScope newSearchScope(IResource[] rootResources, Pattern fileNamePattern, boolean visitDerivedResources)
      Creates a scope that consists of all files that match the fileNamePattern and that either are one of the roots, or have one of the roots in their parent chain. If visitDerivedResources is not enabled, all files that are marked derived or have a derived container in their parent chain are not part of the scope.
      rootResources - the resources that are the roots of the scope
      fileNamePattern - file name pattern for this scope.
      visitDerivedResources - if set also derived folders and files are searched.
      a scope the search scope
    • getRoots

      public IResource[] getRoots()
      Returns the resources that form the root. Roots can not contain each other. Root elements are only part of the scope if they are also accepted by contains(IResourceProxy).
      returns the set of root resources. The default behavior is to return the workspace root.
    • contains

      public abstract boolean contains(IResourceProxy proxy)
      Returns if a given resource is part of the scope. If a container is not part of the scope, also all its members are not part of the scope.
      proxy - the resource proxy to test.
      returns true if a resource is part of the scope. if false is returned the resource and all its children are not part of the scope.
    • evaluateFilesInScope

      public IFile[] evaluateFilesInScope(MultiStatus status)
      Evaluates all files in this scope.
      status - a MultiStatus to collect the error status that occurred while collecting resources.
      returns the files in the scope.