Class UserInputWizardPage

All Implemented Interfaces:
IDialogPage, IMessageProvider, IWizardPage
Direct Known Subclasses:

public abstract class UserInputWizardPage extends RefactoringWizardPage
An abstract wizard page that is to be used to implement user input pages presented inside a refactoring wizard. User input pages are shown at the beginning of a wizard. As soon as the last input page is left the refactoring's condition checking is performed. Depending on the outcome an error page or the preview page is shown.

Clients may extend this class.

  • Constructor Details

    • UserInputWizardPage

      public UserInputWizardPage(String name)
      Creates a new user input page.
      name - the page's name.
  • Method Details

    • isLastUserInputPage

      public boolean isLastUserInputPage()
      Returns true if this is the last user input page in the stack of input pages; false otherwise. The last user input page is not necessarily the page after which the refactoring's precondition has to be triggered. For wizards implementing a dynamic work flow, this may happen for other pages as well.
      whether this is the last user input page or not.
    • computeSuccessorPage

      protected final IWizardPage computeSuccessorPage()
      Triggers the refactoring's condition checking and returns either the error wizard page or a preview page, depending on the outcome of the precondition checking.
      either the error or the preview page, depending on the refactoring's precondition checking
    • setPageComplete

      public void setPageComplete(RefactoringStatus status)
      Sets the page's complete status depending on the given ReactoringStatus.
      status - the RefactoringStatus
    • setVisible

      public void setVisible(boolean visible)
      Description copied from class: DialogPage
      The DialogPage implementation of this IDialogPage method sets the control to the given visibility state. Subclasses may extend.
      Specified by:
      setVisible in interface IDialogPage
      setVisible in class DialogPage
      visible - true to make this page visible, and false to hide it
    • getNextPage

      public IWizardPage getNextPage()
      Description copied from interface: IWizardPage
      Returns the wizard page that would to be shown if the user was to press the Next button.
      Specified by:
      getNextPage in interface IWizardPage
      getNextPage in class WizardPage
      the next wizard page, or null if none
    • canFlipToNextPage

      public boolean canFlipToNextPage()
      Description copied from class: WizardPage
      The WizardPage implementation of this IWizardPage method returns true if this page is complete (isPageComplete) and there is a next page to flip to. Subclasses may override (extend or reimplement).
      Specified by:
      canFlipToNextPage in interface IWizardPage
      canFlipToNextPage in class WizardPage
      true if the next page could be displayed, and false otherwise
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    • performFinish

      protected boolean performFinish()
      Description copied from class: RefactoringWizardPage
      Performs any actions appropriate in response to the user having pressed the Finish button, or refuse if finishing now is not permitted. This method is called by the refactoring wizard on the currently active refactoring wizard page.
      performFinish in class RefactoringWizardPage
      true to indicate the finish request was accepted, and false to indicate that the finish request was refused