Class TextFactory

public final class TextFactory extends AbstractControlFactory<TextFactory,Text>
This class provides a convenient shorthand for creating and initializing Text. This offers several benefits over creating Text normal way: Example usage:
 Text text = new TextFactory(SWT.WRAP)//
                .limitTo(16) //
                .message("Enter credit card number") //
                .layoutData(gridData) //

The above example creates a Text with wrapped style, limits it to 16 characters, sets a message and finally creates it in "parent".

 TextFactory textFactory = new TextFactory(SWT.NONE);
 textFactory.message("Enter text 1").create(parent);
 textFactory.message("Enter text 2").create(parent);
 textFactory.message("Enter text 3").create(parent);

The above example creates three texts using the same instance of TextFactory.