Class ViewerColumn

Direct Known Subclasses:
TableViewerColumn, TreeViewerColumn

public abstract class ViewerColumn extends Object
Instances of this class represent a column of a ColumnViewer. Label providers and editing support can be configured for each column separately. Concrete subclasses of ColumnViewer should implement a matching concrete subclass of ViewerColumn.
  • Constructor Details

    • ViewerColumn

      protected ViewerColumn(ColumnViewer viewer, Widget columnOwner)
      Create a new instance of the receiver at columnIndex.
      viewer - the viewer the column is part of
      columnOwner - the widget owning the viewer in case the widget has no columns this could be the widget itself
  • Method Details

    • setLabelProvider

      public void setLabelProvider(CellLabelProvider labelProvider)
      Set the label provider for the column. Subclasses may extend but must call the super implementation.
      labelProvider - the new CellLabelProvider
    • setEditingSupport

      public void setEditingSupport(EditingSupport editingSupport)
      Set the editing support. Subclasses may extend but must call the super implementation.

      Users setting up an editable TreeViewer or TableViewer with more than 1 column have to pass the SWT.FULL_SELECTION style bit when creating the viewer

      editingSupport - The EditingSupport to set.
    • handleDispose

      protected void handleDispose()
      Disposes of the label provider (if set), unregisters the listener and nulls the references to the label provider and editing support. This method is called when the underlying widget is disposed. Subclasses may extend but must call the super implementation.
    • getViewer

      public ColumnViewer getViewer()
      Returns the viewer of this viewer column.
      Returns the viewer.