Interface IContentFormatter

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    ContentFormatter, MultiPassContentFormatter

    public interface IContentFormatter
    The interface of a document content formatter. The formatter formats ranges within documents. The documents are modified by the formatter.

    The content formatter is assumed to determine the partitioning of the document range to be formatted. For each partition, the formatter determines based on the partition's content type the formatting strategy to be used. Before the first strategy is activated all strategies are informed about the start of the formatting process. After that, the formatting strategies are activated in the sequence defined by the partitioning of the document range to be formatted. It is assumed that a strategy must be finished before the next strategy can be activated. After the last strategy has been finished, all strategies are informed about the termination of the formatting process.

    The interface can be implemented by clients. By default, clients use ContentFormatter or MultiPassContentFormatter as the standard implementers of this interface.

    See Also:
    IDocument, IFormattingStrategy
    • Method Detail

      • format

        void format​(IDocument document,
                    IRegion region)
        Formats the given region of the specified document.The formatter may safely assume that it is the only subject that modifies the document at this point in time.
        document - the document to be formatted
        region - the region within the document to be formatted
      • getFormattingStrategy

        IFormattingStrategy getFormattingStrategy​(String contentType)
        Returns the formatting strategy registered for the given content type.
        contentType - the content type for which to look up the formatting strategy
        the formatting strategy for the given content type, or null if there is no such strategy