Class ContentFormatter

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    public class ContentFormatter
    extends Object
    implements IContentFormatter
    Standard implementation of IContentFormatter. The formatter supports two operation modes: partition aware and partition unaware.

    In the partition aware mode, the formatter determines the partitioning of the document region to be formatted. For each partition it determines all document positions which are affected when text changes are applied to the partition. Those which overlap with the partition are remembered as character positions. These character positions are passed over to the formatting strategy registered for the partition's content type. The formatting strategy returns a string containing the formatted document partition as well as the adapted character positions. The formatted partition replaces the old content of the partition. The remembered document positions are updated with the adapted character positions. In addition, all other document positions are accordingly adapted to the formatting changes.

    In the partition unaware mode, the document's partitioning is ignored and the document is considered consisting of only one partition of the content type IDocument.DEFAULT_CONTENT_TYPE. The formatting process is similar to the partition aware mode, with the exception of having only one partition.

    Usually, clients instantiate this class and configure it before using it.

    See Also:
    IContentFormatter, IDocument, ITypedRegion, Position
    • Constructor Detail

      • ContentFormatter

        public ContentFormatter()
        Creates a new content formatter. The content formatter operates by default in the partition-aware mode. There are no preconfigured formatting strategies. Will use the default document partitioning if not further configured.
    • Method Detail

      • setFormattingStrategy

        public void setFormattingStrategy​(IFormattingStrategy strategy,
                                          String contentType)
        Registers a strategy for a particular content type. If there is already a strategy registered for this type, the new strategy is registered instead of the old one. If the given content type is null the given strategy is registered for all content types as is called only once per formatting session.
        strategy - the formatting strategy to register, or null to remove an existing one
        contentType - the content type under which to register
      • setPartitionManagingPositionCategories

        public void setPartitionManagingPositionCategories​(String[] categories)
        incompatible with an open set of document partitionings. The provided information is only used if this formatter can not compute the partition managing position categories.
        Informs this content formatter about the names of those position categories which are used to manage the document's partitioning information and thus should be ignored when this formatter updates positions.
        categories - the categories to be ignored
      • setDocumentPartitioning

        public void setDocumentPartitioning​(String partitioning)
        Sets the document partitioning to be used by this formatter.
        partitioning - the document partitioning
      • enablePartitionAwareFormatting

        public void enablePartitionAwareFormatting​(boolean enable)
        Sets the formatter's operation mode.
        enable - indicates whether the formatting process should be partition ware
      • getFormattingStrategy

        public IFormattingStrategy getFormattingStrategy​(String contentType)
        Description copied from interface: IContentFormatter
        Returns the formatting strategy registered for the given content type.
        Specified by:
        getFormattingStrategy in interface IContentFormatter
        contentType - the content type for which to look up the formatting strategy
        the formatting strategy for the given content type, or null if there is no such strategy
      • format

        public void format​(IDocument document,
                           IRegion region)
        Description copied from interface: IContentFormatter
        Formats the given region of the specified document.The formatter may safely assume that it is the only subject that modifies the document at this point in time.
        Specified by:
        format in interface IContentFormatter
        document - the document to be formatted
        region - the region within the document to be formatted
      • updateAffectedPositions

        protected void updateAffectedPositions​(IDocument document,
                                               int[] positions,
                                               int offset)
        Updates all the overlapping positions. Note, all other positions are automatically updated by their document position updaters.
        document - the document to has been formatted
        positions - the adapted character positions to be used to update the document positions
        offset - the offset of the document region that has been formatted
      • positionAboutToBeAdded

        protected boolean positionAboutToBeAdded​(IDocument document,
                                                 String category,
                                                 Position position)
        The given position is about to be added to the given position category of the given document.

        This default implementation return true.

        document - the document
        category - the position category
        position - the position that will be added
        true if the position can be added, false if it should be ignored