Interface IContextInformationPresenter

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    public interface IContextInformationPresenter
    A context information presenter determines the presentation of context information depending on a given document position.

    The interface can be implemented by clients.

    • Method Detail

      • install

        void install​(IContextInformation info,
                     ITextViewer viewer,
                     int offset)
        Installs this presenter for the given context information.
        info - the context information which this presenter should style
        viewer - the text viewer on which the information is presented
        offset - the document offset for which the information has been computed
      • updatePresentation

        boolean updatePresentation​(int offset,
                                   TextPresentation presentation)
        Updates the given presentation of the given context information at the given document position. Returns whether update changed the presentation.
        offset - the current offset within the document
        presentation - the presentation to be updated
        true if the given presentation has been changed