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    public interface IContextInformation
    The interface of context information presented to the user and generated by content assist processors.

    In order to provide backward compatibility for clients of IContextInformation, extension interfaces are used to provide a means of evolution. The following extension interfaces exist:

    The interface can be implemented by clients. By default, clients use ContextInformation as the standard implementer of this interface.

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      • getContextDisplayString

        String getContextDisplayString()
        Returns the string to be displayed in the list of contexts. This method is used to supply a unique presentation for situations where the context is ambiguous. These strings are used to allow the user to select the specific context.
        the string to be displayed for the context
      • getImage

        Image getImage()
        Returns the image for this context information. The image will be shown to the left of the display string.
        the image to be shown or null if no image is desired
      • getInformationDisplayString

        String getInformationDisplayString()
        Returns the string to be displayed in the tool tip like information popup.
        the string to be displayed
      • equals

        boolean equals​(Object object)
        Compares the given object with this receiver. Two context informations are equal if there information display strings and their context display strings are equal.

        Note: As specified in Object.equals(Object) clients will most likely also have to implement Object.hashCode().

        equals in class Object
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