Interface IWidgetTokenOwnerExtension

All Known Implementing Classes:
ProjectionViewer, SourceViewer, TextConsoleViewer, TextViewer

public interface IWidgetTokenOwnerExtension
Extension interface for IWidgetTokenOwner.

Replaces the original requestWidgetToken functionality with a new priority based approach.

  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    requestWidgetToken(IWidgetTokenKeeper requester, int priority)
    Requests the widget token from this token owner.
  • Method Details

    • requestWidgetToken

      boolean requestWidgetToken(IWidgetTokenKeeper requester, int priority)
      Requests the widget token from this token owner. Returns true if the token has been acquired or is already owned by the requester. This method is non-blocking.

      priority is forwarded to any existing token keeper to give it an estimate on whether the request has higher priority than the current keeper's. There is, however, no guarantee that another keeper will release the token even if it has a high priority.

      requester - the token requester
      priority - the priority of the request
      true if requester acquires the token, false otherwise