Interface IWidgetTokenOwner

All Known Implementing Classes:
ProjectionViewer, SourceViewer, TextConsoleViewer, TextViewer

public interface IWidgetTokenOwner
In order to display information in a temporary window, a widget token must be acquired. The intent behind this concept is that only one temporary window should be presented at any moment in time and also to avoid overlapping temporary windows. This concept is used by the ITextViewer.

In order to provide backward compatibility for clients of IWidgetTokenOwner, extension interfaces are used as a means of evolution. The following extension interfaces exist:

  • IWidgetTokenOwnerExtension since version 3.0 introducing priorities when requesting a widget token and thus replacing the non-prioritized scheme.
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  • Method Details

    • requestWidgetToken

      boolean requestWidgetToken(IWidgetTokenKeeper requester)
      Requests the widget token from this token owner. Returns true if the token has been acquired or is already owned by the requester. This method is non-blocking.

      Replaced by IWidgetTokenOwnerExtension.requestWidgetToken(IWidgetTokenKeeper, int).

      requester - the token requester
      true if requester acquires the token, false otherwise
    • releaseWidgetToken

      void releaseWidgetToken(IWidgetTokenKeeper tokenKeeper)
      The given token keeper releases the token to this token owner. If the token has previously not been held by the given token keeper, nothing happens. This method is non-blocking.
      tokenKeeper - the token keeper