Class AutoCompleteField


public class AutoCompleteField extends Object
AutoCompleteField is a class which attempts to auto-complete a user's keystrokes by activating a popup that filters a list of proposals according to the content typed by the user.
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  • Constructor Details

    • AutoCompleteField

      public AutoCompleteField(Control control, IControlContentAdapter controlContentAdapter, String... proposals)
      Construct an AutoComplete field on the specified control, whose completions are characterized by the specified array of Strings.
      control - the control for which autocomplete is desired. May not be null.
      controlContentAdapter - the IControlContentAdapter used to obtain and update the control's contents. May not be null.
      proposals - the array of Strings representing valid content proposals for the field.
  • Method Details

    • setProposals

      public void setProposals(String... proposals)
      Set the Strings to be used as content proposals.
      proposals - the array of Strings to be used as proposals.