Class SimpleContentProposalProvider

    • Constructor Detail

      • SimpleContentProposalProvider

        public SimpleContentProposalProvider​(String... proposals)
        Construct a SimpleContentProposalProvider whose content proposals are always the specified array of Objects.
        proposals - the Strings to be returned whenever proposals are requested.
    • Method Detail

      • getProposals

        public IContentProposal[] getProposals​(String contents,
                                               int position)
        Return an array of Objects representing the valid content proposals for a field.
        Specified by:
        getProposals in interface IContentProposalProvider
        contents - the current contents of the field (only consulted if filtering is set to true)
        position - the current cursor position within the field (ignored)
        the array of Objects that represent valid proposals for the field given its current content.
      • setProposals

        public void setProposals​(String... items)
        Set the Strings to be used as content proposals.
        items - the Strings to be used as proposals.
      • setFiltering

        public void setFiltering​(boolean filterProposals)
        Set the boolean that controls whether proposals are filtered according to the current field content.
        filterProposals - true if the proposals should be filtered to show only those that match the current contents of the field, and false if the proposals should remain the same, ignoring the field content.