Package org.eclipse.jface.bindings.keys

package org.eclipse.jface.bindings.keys

Provides support for bindings between commands and keys.

Package Specification

This just a key-specific implementation of the generic bindings and trigger support. This package provides an abstraction layer between the SWT key events and key bindings within JFace.

KeySequence is a TriggerSequence that has KeyStroke instances as triggers. A KeyStroke is composed of one or more keys held down at the same time. A key stroke ends when the keys are released. A key stroke can contain zero or more modifiers keys, but it always contains exactly one natural key. A modifier key is one of Ctrl, Shift, Alt, or Command. A natural key is anything else.

Natural keys are further subdivided into special keys and character keys. Character keys are keys that have an ASCII representation (e.g., Space, 'A' and Backspace). Special keys are ones that do not (e.g., Arrow Up, F11, and NumLock).

SWTKeySupport is a static class that provides the link between SWT and these internal representations. It has methods for converting between SWT key events and the internal representation, and vice versa. It also provides access to the native-style key formatting facilities.

  • Class
    A facilitiy for converting the formal representation for key strokes (i.e., used in persistence) into real key stroke instances.
    A keyboard shortcut.
    A factory class for ILookup instances.
    A KeySequence is defined as a list of zero or more KeyStrokes, with the stipulation that all KeyStroke objects must be complete, save for the last one, whose completeness is optional.
    A wrapper around the SWT text widget that traps literal key presses and converts them into key sequences for display.
    A KeyStroke is defined as an optional set of modifier keys followed optionally by a natural key.
    An exception indicating problems while parsing formal string representations of either KeyStroke or KeySequence objects.
    A look-up table for the formal grammar for keys, and the integer values they represent.
    A utility class for converting SWT events into key strokes.