Package org.eclipse.jface.bindings.keys.formatting

package org.eclipse.jface.bindings.keys.formatting

Provides support for formatting key sequences.

Package Specification

This is a collection fo various formatters for key sequences. The formatters are accessible through the KeyFormatterFactory. To change how keys are formatted in the user interface, call KeyFormatterFactory.setDefault(IKeyFormatter). They provided formatters are:

Provides a formal grammar for reading and writing key sequences.
Provide a native-looking, human-readable format for keys.
A variation of the native formatter that provides a more compact representation.
An Xemacs-style formatter (e.g., C^x C^x).
  • Class
    An abstract implementation of a key formatter that provides a lot of common key formatting functionality.
    A key formatter providing the Emacs-style accelerators using single letters to represent the modifier keys.
    Formats the keys in the internal key sequence grammar.
    Any formatter capable of taking a key sequence or a key stroke and converting it into a string.
    A cache for formatters.
    Formats the key sequences and key strokes into the native human-readable format.