Class ExternalActionManager


public final class ExternalActionManager extends Object

A manager for a callback facility which is capable of querying external interfaces for additional information about actions and action contribution items. This information typically includes things like accelerators and textual representations.

It is only necessary to use this mechanism if you will be using a mix of actions and commands, and wish the interactions to work properly.

For example, in the Eclipse workbench, this mechanism is used to allow the command architecture to override certain values in action contribution items.

This class is not intended to be called or extended by any external clients.

  • Method Details

    • getInstance

      public static ExternalActionManager getInstance()
      Retrieves the current singleton instance of this class.
      The singleton instance; this value is never null.
    • getCallback

      public ExternalActionManager.ICallback getCallback()
      An accessor for the current call back.
      The current callback mechanism being used. This is the callback that should be queried for extra information about actions and action contribution items. This value may be null if there is no extra information.
    • setCallback

      public void setCallback(ExternalActionManager.ICallback callbackToUse)
      A mutator for the current call back
      callbackToUse - The new callback mechanism to use; this value may be null if the default is acceptable (i.e., no extra information will provided to actions).