Class DefaultHelpUI


public class DefaultHelpUI extends AbstractHelpUI
This class is an implementation of the Help UI. In is registered into the helpSupport extension point, and is responsible for handling requests to display help. The methods on this class interact with the actual UI component handling the display.

Most methods delegate most work to HelpDisplay class; only the UI specific ones implemented in place.

  • Constructor Details

    • DefaultHelpUI

      public DefaultHelpUI()
  • Method Details

    • getInstance

      public static DefaultHelpUI getInstance()
    • displayHelp

      public void displayHelp()
      Displays help.
      Specified by:
      displayHelp in class AbstractHelpUI
    • displaySearch

      public void displaySearch()
      Displays search.
      displaySearch in class AbstractHelpUI
    • displayDynamicHelp

      public void displayDynamicHelp()
      Displays dynamic help.
      displayDynamicHelp in class AbstractHelpUI
    • search

      public void search(String expression)
      Starts the search.
      search in class AbstractHelpUI
      expression - the search expression
    • showIndex

      public static void showIndex()
    • displayHelpResource

      public void displayHelpResource(String href)
      Displays a help resource specified as a url.
      • a URL in a format that can be returned by IHelpResource.getHref()
      • a URL query in the format format key=value&key=value ... The valid keys are: "tab", "toc", "topic", "contextId". For example, toc="/myplugin/mytoc.xml"&topic="/myplugin/references/myclass.html" is valid.
      Specified by:
      displayHelpResource in class AbstractHelpUI
      href - the URL of the help resource.

      Valid href are as described in IHelpResource.getHref()

    • displayContext

      public void displayContext(IContext context, int x, int y)
      Displays context-sensitive help for specified context
      Specified by:
      displayContext in class AbstractHelpUI
      context - the context to display
      x - int positioning information
      y - int positioning information
    • resolve

      public URL resolve(String href, boolean documentOnly)
      Description copied from class: AbstractHelpUI
      Resolves the help resource href according to the help system implementation.
      resolve in class AbstractHelpUI
      href - the help resource
      documentOnly - if true, the resulting URL must point at the document referenced by href. Otherwise, it can be a URL that contains additional elements like navigation that the help system adds to the document.
      the fully resolved URL of the help resource or null if not supported. Help systems that use application servers typically return URLs with http: protocol. Simple help system implementations can return URLs with file: protocol.
    • unresolve

      public String unresolve(URL url)
    • isContextHelpDisplayed

      public boolean isContextHelpDisplayed()
      Returns true if the context-sensitive help window is currently being displayed, false if not.
      Specified by:
      isContextHelpDisplayed in class AbstractHelpUI
      true if the context-sensitive help window is currently being displayed, false if not
    • isDisplayModal

      public static boolean isDisplayModal(Shell activeShell)
    • showInWorkbenchBrowser

      public static boolean showInWorkbenchBrowser(String url, boolean onlyInternal)
    • isOpeningHelpView

      public static boolean isOpeningHelpView()