Provides the ability to add participants to help search and is responsible for creating search indices.

Package Specification

This package contains the API for adding content to the help search functionality and is responsible for indexing all contents of the help system. To add content, a plug-in must extend the SearchParticipant abstract class and point to it using the extension point.

The package also provides an abstract class that extends LuceneSearchParticipant called SearchParticipantXML which adds functionality for parsing XML documents.

  • Class
    This class is responsible for handling any pre or post search processing events, including query manipulation and output to the search frame.
    Builds a help search index for a plug-in by looking for the extensions in the provided manifest file.
    Represents a Lucene index for one locale.
    Represents a document in the search index.
    A search engine that is a participant in the help search.
    An extension of the search engine interface that provides for opening of the results.
    A search result created by the help search engine.
    An extension of the search result interface that allows engines to define engine result icon for each search result.
    A collector for the search hits (asynchronously) returned by the help search participants.
    This class holds information for a single Search Result
    The generic search scope object.
    Participant in the help search.
    An abstract search participants for adding XML documents to the search index.
    Class that implements this interface is used to store data obtained during the parsing phase.
    This class is a storage container for search processing