Interface ISearchEngineResult2

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public interface ISearchEngineResult2 extends ISearchEngineResult
An extension of the search result interface that allows engines to define engine result icon for each search result.
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    • getId

      String getId()
      Returns a unique identifier that can be associated with this search result. Search engines can optionally use this method to pass information on documents that are accessible via hashtables using a unique identifier. This method is typically used when the search result can open by itself.
      unique identifier associated with this search result or null if not available or not needed.
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    • getIconURL

      URL getIconURL()
      Returns an optional URL of the 16x16 icon to be used to render this search result. If not provided, the icon for the engine will be used.
      the URL of the icon to be used to render this search result or null to use the engine icon.
    • canOpen

      boolean canOpen()
      Tests whether this result's open action should be delegated to search engine.
      true for engines that must open their results using non-standards means, or false for opening the result by the help system using the provided href.