Interface IIndex<T>

  • public interface IIndex<T>
    Indexed access to the elements provided by an IQueryable
    • Method Detail

      • getCandidates

        Iterator<T> getCandidates​(IEvaluationContext ctx,
                                  IExpression variable,
                                  IExpression booleanExpr)
        Obtains the elements that are candidates for the given booleanExpr when applied using the given variable as this. The returned set of elements are the elements that must be present in order for the expression to evaluate to true. The set may contain false positives. TODO: Write more about how the valid set of elements is determined.
        ctx - The evaluation context used when examining the booleanExpr.
        variable - The variable used as this.
        booleanExpr - The boolean expression.
        The candidate elements or null if this index cannot be used.