Class RefreshTab

All Implemented Interfaces:
IPrototypeAttributesLabelProvider, ILaunchConfigurationTab, ILaunchConfigurationTab2

public class RefreshTab extends AbstractLaunchConfigurationTab
A launch configuration tab which allows the user to specify which resources should be refreshed when the launch terminates.

Clients may call AbstractLaunchConfigurationTab.setHelpContextId(String) on this tab prior to control creation to alter the default context help associated with this tab.

This class may be instantiate.

This class is not intended to be sub-classed by clients.
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      public static final String ATTR_REFRESH_RECURSIVE
      Boolean attribute indicating if a refresh scope is recursive. Default value is true.

      public static final String ATTR_REFRESH_SCOPE
      String attribute identifying the scope of resources that should be refreshed after an external tool is run. The value is either a refresh variable or the default value, null, indicating no refresh.
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    • RefreshTab

      public RefreshTab()
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