Class DeferredDebugElementWorkbenchAdapter

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    IWorkbenchAdapter, IWorkbenchAdapter2, IDeferredWorkbenchAdapter

    public abstract class DeferredDebugElementWorkbenchAdapter
    extends DebugElementWorkbenchAdapter
    implements IDeferredWorkbenchAdapter
    deferred custom content in the debug views is no longer supported by IDeferredWorkbenchAdapter. Deferred custom content is currently supported by a provisional internal viewer framework.
    Common function for a deferred workbench adapter for a debug element.

    Clients may subclass this class to provide custom adapters for elements in a debug model. The debug platform provides IDeferredWorkbenchAdapters for the standard debug elements. Clients may override the default content in the debug view by providing an IWorkbenchAdapter or IDeferredWorkbenchAdapter for a debug element.

    • Field Detail

      • EMPTY

        protected static final Object[] EMPTY
        An empty collection of children
    • Constructor Detail

      • DeferredDebugElementWorkbenchAdapter

        public DeferredDebugElementWorkbenchAdapter()
    • Method Detail

      • isContainer

        public boolean isContainer()
        Description copied from interface: IDeferredWorkbenchAdapter
        Returns whether this adapter may have children. This is an optimized method used by content providers to allow showing the [+] expand icon without having yet fetched the children for the element.

        If false is returned, then the content provider may assume that this adapter has no children. If true is returned, then the job manager may assume that this adapter may have children.

        Specified by:
        isContainer in interface IDeferredWorkbenchAdapter
        trueif the adapter may have childen, and false otherwise.
      • fetchDeferredChildren

        public void fetchDeferredChildren​(Object object,
                                          IElementCollector collector,
                                          IProgressMonitor monitor)
        Description copied from interface: IDeferredWorkbenchAdapter
        Called by a job run in a separate thread to fetch the children of this adapter. The adapter should in return notify of new children via the collector. This is generally used when a content provider is getting elements.

        It is good practice to check the passed in monitor for cancellation. This will provide good responsiveness for cancellation requests made by the user.

        Specified by:
        fetchDeferredChildren in interface IDeferredWorkbenchAdapter
        object - the object to fetch the children for
        collector - the collector to notify about new children. Should not be null.
        monitor - a progress monitor that will never be null to support reporting and cancellation.