Class ValueChangeEvent<T>

    • Field Detail

      • diff

        public ValueDiff<T> diff
        Description of the change to the source observable value. Listeners must not change this field.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ValueChangeEvent

        public ValueChangeEvent​(IObservableValue<T> source,
                                ValueDiff<T> diff)
        Creates a new value change event.
        source - the source observable value
        diff - the value change
    • Method Detail

      • getObservableValue

        public IObservableValue<T> getObservableValue()
        Returns the observable value from which this event originated.
        returns the observable value from which this event originated
      • dispatch

        protected void dispatch​(IObservablesListener listener)
        Description copied from class: ObservableEvent
        Dispatch this event to the given listener. Subclasses must implement this method by calling the appropriate type-safe event handling method on the given listener according to the type of this event.
        Specified by:
        dispatch in class ObservableEvent
        listener - the listener that should handle the event
      • getListenerType

        protected Object getListenerType()
        Description copied from class: ObservableEvent
        Returns a unique object used for distinguishing this event type from others.
        Specified by:
        getListenerType in class ObservableEvent
        a unique object representing the concrete type of this event.