Feature and Plug-in Build Configuration Properties

The build mechanism is driven by a build configuration.  The build configuration for an individual plug-in, fragment, or feature is found in a build.properties file for the corresponding element.

PDE project creation wizards generate the build.properties file when plug-in projects are created. The file contains information on how to compile source folders into JARs. This information can be indirectly updated in the Runtime page of the manifest editor. It can also be directly modified using the appropriate editor.

PDE provides a simple editor for the build.properties that has form and source views. The file itself follows the Java properties format. You need to provide a number of keys and their corresponding values. Multiple values are separated using a comma as the delimiter.

Common properties

Plug-in specific properties

Compiler related options. See also the Controlling the Compilation Environment and Compiler Options pages.

The values defined for these keys ending with "includes" or "excludes" are expressed as Ant "patterns". Standard formats give the expected results.  For example, "*.jar" indicates all jar files in the top level directory. The patterns are not deep by default.  If you want to describe all Java files for example, you should use the pattern "**/*.java".   The pattern "**" matches any number of directory levels.  Similarly, to describe whole sub-trees, use "xyz/".

Feature specific properties

The following example has been extracted from the build.properties of the org.eclipse.platform feature.